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Spring Fever!

A’ight, it’s March 19th and this week the weather has been fantastic. Enough so that I’m getting antsy to get out in the sunshine and tan up. I hate being winter pale, don’t you?

This kind of weather makes it so hard not to break down and play hooky from daily responsibilities. I remember being in college and the first spring heat wave (or near spring) always brought on a beach run. Of course seventy degrees doesn’t necessarily constitute a heat wave – but after so many thirty-two degrees and below days, seventy seems balmy and the beach was always crowded with those of us who ditched school. If I wasn’t so damned responsible, I would have coerced some folks into a beach run today.
Ugh, being a grown up sucks.

But there is hope on the horizon . . . I have six weeks, count them, s-i-x weeks left before my husband takes his normal weekend trek with my father and brother-in-law to open up our campsite in Maine – which means, seven weeks before I can have weekends jogging on the beach again – and frankly, I need the exercise. Winter has not been kind to my ever expanding ass.

This kind of weather also degrades my concentration level to the point of less than a gnat because, frankly, I’d rather be at the beach.  Specifically, I’d rather be writing on the beach.

Spring cleaning is on the horizon too, and anyone who knows me knows how much I hate any domestic tasks. Cleaning, cooking, yard work. If I could get a maid, a cook and a landscaper, I’d be the ultimate happy camper. The old adage – Girls Just Want To Have Fun – well folks, that’s me. And the first hint of spring weather gets that mindset itching to be released from the bonds of responsibility.

Anyway – that’s my blog for this Friday – and this weekend, I’m planning on getting outside and enjoying the wonderful weather instead of staring longingly from an office cubicle!


Final February thoughts. . .

I don’t have a lot to say tonight. I’m a bit under the weather, still fighting the last remnants of a migraine and thus am having a hard time with thought streams at the moment.

I can’t believe February is almost over. We haven’t had much of a winter up here in northeastern Connecticut, unlike those folks south and west of us, who’ve been hammered with snow. Usually we have at least a foot on the ground at this point but not this year. We’re lucky if you could call what we have a dusting. I’m not all that big on playing in the snow, but I do like the picturesque settings when everything is painted white.

I am anxious for spring to come and for us to open our place in Maine. I miss my morning runs on the beach and weekends by the bonfire. Just the sea air is refreshing and rejuvenating.

I know, this is not exciting or educational post, but it’s all I got tonight folks. 🙂

Till next week . . .