I just came across this handy dandy link in my LinkedIn world and decided this may be a better resource than the google blog.  Now if only I could figure out how to write in one place and have it appear in all, I’d be golden! 

I’m a writer, among other things.  Fairly new at it – two years and running with two short story publications under my belt along with seven completed novels and three partials in progress as we speak.  Oh yeah,  I work full time too.  

I admit – I’m a classic over achiever, but the rejection list I’ve got has humbled me A LOT!   First I was totally inexperienced in writing Query letters – these are the demons that can kill you if you don’t get it right and believe me, I’ve done everything that you can possibly do wrong.  Thus the long line of rejections.  OOPS.  Live and learn.  Now I’ve gotten some real good advisors, am working on doing some necessary polishing and will be back pounding the streets by mid summer. 

Let’s hope this time, I’m a little more successful. 

In any event, if you want to read some of my stories or the first chapters of those finished novels and get a flavor of what I’m about you can check my website out at www.JETaylor75.com

Thanks for tuning in!